Hello Dear Friends,Β 

To celebrate 5th PAGi Birthday, we love to give you a lots lots of loveΒ Β πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ–€πŸ§‘Β 



🌴 available for all jewelries and gemstones which listed on the website
🌴 if there is an item that is not listed on the website but includes a promo when we post it on social media, we will definitely give a sign. Keep an eye in our Instagram too. Instagram : @pagilol. We appreciate if you follow us :)
🌴 promo starts from 9th September until 9th October 2021
🌴 you can use this promo thousand times until it is expired
🌴 this is NOT an automatic discount, so you need to use a code when you do checkout : 5PAGI
🌴 please add minimum 2 products to get the discount
🌴 the FREE ONE is the cheapest price
🌴 All sales are FINAL. Once you paid, the items can't be CHANGED. Make sure you buy the right stuff. 
🌴 shop via website, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp
🌴 you can also shop via Shopee link : https://shopee.co.id/pagilol (different discount offers)
🌴 shop faster via website beside that PAGi accepts credit card, bank transfer, GoPay, Shopee Pay, Alfamart, Alfamidi, Dan+Dan, Indomaret
🌴 all prices exclude shipping cost from Bali, Indonesia
🌴 due to Covid-19, PAGi only ships twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Shipping company takes longer than usual to send your item(s)
🌴 PAGi does shipping worldwide and wholesale
🌴 Thanks a lot peeps!


Here are the examples of BUYΒ 1 GET 1 FREE !!!

⛅️ You buy one necklace Rp 650.000 and one gemstone Rp 700.000. The total you pay forΒ two items are Rp 700.000. You save RpΒ 650.000.

⛅️ You buy oneΒ necklace Rp 650.000, one pendant Rp 300.000, one ring Rp 330.000, and one gemstones Rp 400.0000. The total you pay forΒ four items are Rp 650.000 + Rp 400.000 = Rp 1.050.000. You save Rp 630.000.

⛅️ It is also applied if you buyΒ 6 items, 12 items and so on.

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