Hello everyone! 

My name is Eva, the founder and the creator of PAGi.

Not long ago, when I was wasting my life making someone else's dream come through, I was wondering is there any way to transition from a full time employee to a dreamer with a fully functional side hustle. So I begun with selling some of my personal items on Facebook just to get the hang of it and see how selling feels and I made (drum roll please) Rp 1M!!! Tada!

This blindingly shiny success led me to the next step: instead of selling my used shorts and tops, how about buying some goods and try to sell them on social networks. You know things like Tote bags. So that was the next hustle and MAINE! that was hard! Did every market, posted on every page, just to sell a few items here and there. "Maybe entrepreneurship is not my thing" that crossed my mind many times.

Thanks to the amazing mentor, life line, partner, lover, fiancee and now the husband I kept going. He also took part in taking photos. Well if you see the home page, he is the one who took them. Check out his Instagram @soolan_com. Thank you honey bee.

Eventually I sold every single bag item in the stock and invested the money to make two rings and one bangle and I sold the rings on guess where Facebook! The bangle, dangled on my face for a while and it didn't sell so I melted it to make more items.

I spare you the stories about:

  • buying a domain
  • setting up a WordPress/WooCommerce website
  • spending money on ad campaigns
  • buying Shopify subscription
  • buying Financio subscription
  • buying, buying and more buying
  • joining markets in ID and SG

It has been five years and PAGi went from an infant who crawled its way through the market to a moody teenager which actually pays the bills and make me a living. I can not wait to see the day this kiddo turns into a grown up and take care of a village on its own.

My point is, forget about the BS in blogs and books regarding entrepreneurship. I got to tell you, it is hard, it is nasty, it feeds on your time, your pocket, your resources and your social life. But every single penny earned that way worth 10x money earned from a full time employment.  It is rewarding, encouraging, uplifting and liberating. People who have the stomach for this kind of adventure understand what I'm talking about. As a woman entrepreneur, I urge you to take your chances and take calculated risks and go through ups and downs of this journey. If you are lucky enough to get a good mentor on your side it won't be a hard one. If you don't, reach out ask for help, join the gov programs, recently Indonesia has taken a big step on entrepreneurship programs and if you are serious to follow your dreams you can get some grants from the government. Reach out, find out and simply start baby steps.

You don't need to jump with your both feet on this uncharted waters. Do what I did instead. Keep your job, and transition to this field. That means, no more meaningless social network scrolling. No more useless friends catch up. No more weekends window shopping. No more useless and expensive parties. No more watching TV, YouTube, etc. If you are serious, then this is the price! You do your homework and eventually you will find yourself making some money with your own business equal to your full time day job. This is the sign that you are ready to transition and dedicate your time completely to your business.

Phew, MAINE that was long. The key take away is this. If you are not happy with your job, there are always ways to do something about it. Entrepreneurship is one of them. But before take any serious action, spend some time to build a good foundation first and this takes time. For me it took three years. I am so excited about the PAGi's growth and my achievement so far and can't wait to see what future holds.

Thank you for stopping by,
Warmest regards,
Eva Mava

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